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Smithware ActiveX Controls
for Btrieve

Note: On February 13, 1998, Smithware was acquired by Pervasive Software. This site is an archive of the materials that were on the Smithware site when was routed to This site is maintained for archival purposes only.

ActiveX Controls for Btrieve
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DDF Builder
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VBX Controls for Btrieve
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Note: On February 13, 1998, Smithware was acquired by Pervasive Software. This site is an archive of the materials that were on the Smithware site when was routed to This site is maintained for archival purposes only.

Smithware ActiveX Controls for Btrieve
  This CAT's got your tongue.  

For Database Development Without The Language Hassles,
Ask For ActiveX Controls For Btrieve
With Code Avoidance Technology (CAT).

Smithware ActiveX Controls for Btrieve makes it easy to write powerful client/server database applications in any programming language or development environment that supports industry-standard ActiveX (OCX) technology.

Code Avoidance Technology (CAT) Says It All.

Developed exclusively by Smithware, CAT means we have written lots of code so you don't have to. We've made using Btrieve as simple as dragging and dropping a control onto a form. CAT makes adding ActiveX Controls for Btrieve to your project easy.

Standard properties, events and methods connect your application to your data. Simple point-and-click setup of client/server-extended operations and file joins let you implement high-performance features effortlessly.

You can build a simple data browser without code, just by dropping a text box, list box, and scroll bar on a form! Our comprehensive tutorials and sample code get you started fast.

Our Controls Feed Your Application's Need for Data.

The VAccess data source control is the direct property, event, and method interface to the Btrieve engine.

Each VAccess control on a form accesses a data file. The VAccess control has properties that determine which file is opened and how data is retrieved and updated. It also has methods that allow you to perform operations on the file as well as events that allow you to process your own code scripts at predefined points in project execution.

Multiple VAccess controls can be joined together to maintain relationships between tables automatically. The VACommandButton control allows users to insert, update, delete, and retrieve records. VAScrollBar controls can be bound to VAccess data source controls to enable record navigation through Btrieve tables. Consistent use of indexes and integrated Btrieve percentage operations track the application's current position within a table.

Data Aware Controls Complete Your Application's Data Interface.

The VACheckBox and VAOptionButton connect the application to logical fields. The VAComboBox can be bound to one field in a table, allowing the user to select a value for the field from a predetermined set of values. It can also serve as a record list control, or even as a list of available index fields for user navigation.

The VAListBox can serve as a multi-column record list control. The VATextBox can be used to update individual fields in a table, and also can be used in search mode, automatically seeking matching records from a table as text is entered by the user.

These Things Really Move!

Smithware ActiveX Controls for Btrieve gives you proven performance advantages over other database access methods.

Benchmarks performed using a series of tests published in Visual Basic Programmer's Journal (May 1996, Vol. 6, No. 6) demonstrate the outstanding performance of our ActiveX Controls for Btrieve. In a suite of tests involving indexed record retrieval, record inserts, updates, and deletes, sequential file scans, and joined files, Smithware ActiveX Controls for Btrieve consistently outperformed all of the other Btrieve database access methods.

We give you unprecedented control over the data management tasks your application performs with the option to enable functionality you want to use, or to disable functionality you don't need.

You never have to face an hourglass cursor while the program goes off on a wild goose chase through your files - a common complaint of developers using ODBC, the VB Jet database engine or other data access methods.

We've further optimized performance by allowing you to enable or disable event calls, letting you eliminate unnecessary calls to empty events in your code. Table information stored with the application means faster load times and less complexity at run time. Just another way to boost your application's performance.

We Speak Your Language.

In addition to providing unbeatable performance, our advanced data binding gives you an advantage not available from any other database development tool.

Because Smithware ActiveX Controls for Btrieve uses industry-standard ActiveX (OCX) technology, developers can choose from a wide range of languages and development environments for their applications. ActiveX Controls for Btrieve are supported in such popular development environments as Microsoft Visual Basic, Borland Delphi, Borland C++ Builder, Microsoft Visual C/C++, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and more.

Take Your Application to the Internet.

All applications developed with Smithware ActiveX Controls for Btrieve are Internet-enabled applications. No other database access tool lets you take your application to the Internet without changing a single line of code!

With Smithware ActiveX Controls for Btrieve, the application that runs on a desktop at the office is the same application that can run on a laptop on a salesman's tray table at cruising altitude, on the convention floor in Las Vegas, or in a hotel room in London, providing users with transparent client/server access to their important corporate data using the power of the global Internet. For more information on our Internet Database Solution visit

Talk To The Cat That's Got Your Tongue. Ask About ActiveX Controls For Btrieve with Code Avoidance Technology.

It's all here! Proven, high-performance Btrieve database access. The ease of use you've been looking for. Supported by all of the most popular programming languages.

Make Smithware's ActiveX Controls for Btrieve part of your development language today by calling 1-800-828-7438. We speak your language.

What You Get:

ActiveX Controls for Btrieve data source and bound data controls for 16-bit and 32-bit application development.
Smithware's famous DDF Builder, the number one data definition tool used by thousands of developers world wide. See DDF Builder Product Information for complete information on DDF Builder and DDF files.
Btrieve version 6.15 Client Engines for Windows and Windows 95/Windows NT.
Sample code, tutorials, and on-line developer's reference.
Compatible with Microsoft Visual Basic, V4, V5, Borland Delphi, Borland C++ Builder, Visual C++, Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0, Optima ++, Visual Fox Pro, and other programming languages and development environments which support ActiveX (OCX) custom controls.
Free Technical Support that's among the best in the business!

Check out these ActiveX Controls for Btrieve Features:

Generates the world's fastest Btrieve applications.
It's easy to use.
Supports all ActiveX Controls for Btrieve development environments, 16- and 32-bit, including Visual Basic, Delphi, Visual C++, Internet Explorer, and more.
It's the only Internet development and deployment system for Btrieve.
Provides fully synchronized data-bound controls which permit no-code development.
Includes CAT (Code Avoidance Technology) developed exclusively by Smithware.
For more information:
Check out our benchmarks at
Smithware ActiveX Controls for Btrieve Benchmark Information.
For complete product information on DDF Builder, see
DDF Builder Product Information.
For more information on our Internet Database Solution visit
See for yourself everything this product can do!
Download Product Help Files.

Smithware ActiveX Controls for Btrieve $349.95
Smithware ActiveX Controls for Btrieve

To Order Call Toll-Free (800) 828-7438 or (615) 386-3100 or


for on-line ordering information!

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