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Smithware Butility for DOS

Note: On February 13, 1998, Smithware was acquired by Pervasive Software. This site is an archive of the materials that were on the Smithware site when was routed to This site is maintained for archival purposes only.

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Note: On February 13, 1998, Smithware was acquired by Pervasive Software. This site is an archive of the materials that were on the Smithware site when was routed to This site is maintained for archival purposes only.

BUtility 3.5 for DOS keeps you in control of your Btrieve files.

BUtility's Btrieve file editing capabilities are second to none. You can open any Btrieve file (BUtility now supports all Btrieve 6.15 features), edit the entire data buffer using HEX or decimal values, edit key values as fields, or, if you have defined Data Dictionary Files with Smithware's DDF Builder, edit using actual field values.
In addition to these advanced editing capabilities, BUtility has many utility features including: Btrieve file creation using clear and consistent dialog boxes, file copying, loading, saving, and recovering, supplemental index creation and dropping, non-standard field viewing and editing using QuickField, full search and replace operations, and much, much more. Since it follows the Common User Access specification, BUtility 3.5 is easy to use and works just like Microsoft QuickBasic and the MS-DOS editor.

Just take a look at a few of BUtility's powerful features:

Edit/View file data in HEX format.

Browse through a file's fields using DDF's from DDF Builder.

Defining indexes for new and existing Btrieve files is easy.

BUtility features complete on-line help and CUA design.

BUtility 3.5 Menus and Commands

BUtility 3.5 Menus and Commands

FileCreate File...Create a Btrieve file with optimized page size, best use of disk space, all index attributes, alternate collating sequence. All features are implemented through organized, easy-to-use CUA compliant menus and dialog boxes.
Open File...Open a Btrieve file.
Print...Print file status, data buffer, key buffer, or field buffer.
Copy...Copy data from one Btrieve file to another. Specify Index ranges if necessary.
Index...Create an external index file for a Btrieve file.
Load...Load data into a Btrieve file from a BUTIL Sequential File Format file.
Recover...Save data into a BUTIL Sequential File Format file from a damaged Btrieve file.
Save...Save data into a BUTIL Sequential File Format file.
DOS shellTemporarily suspend BUtility and invoke DOS shell.
ViewHEX Data BufferView/Edit Data Buffer using hexadecimal values.
DEC Data BufferView/Edit Data Buffer using decimal values.
Field BufferView/Edit Fields defined in a data dictionary file (DDF).
Key BufferView/Edit Key Segments using field values.
StatusView the status of open Btrieve file.
Quick Field...View/Edit a field of data from the data buffer using Btrieve data types.
SearchFind...Scan records of a file to find specified field values.
Change...Scan records of a file to change specified field values.
Btrieve Operations MenusOpsInsert, Update, Delete, Get Equal, Get Next, Get Previous, Get Greater, Get Greater or Equal, Get Less Than, Get Less Than or Equal, Get First, Get Last, Unlock, Begin Transaction, Abort Transaction, End Transaction, Get Position, Get Direct, Step First, Step Last, Step Next, Step Previous.
Locks...None, Single Wait, Single Nowait, Multiple Wait, Multiple Nowait.
UtilitiesCreate S-Index...Create a supplemental index.
Drop S-Index...Drop a supplemental index.
Set Owner...Assign an owner name to a file to prevent unauthorized access.
Clear OwnerClear the owner name.
Extend...Extend a Btrieve file to another storage device.
Reset...Reset Btrieve resources.
StopStop Btrieve record manager and exit BUtility.
Version...Display current Btrieve version.
OptionsSet Defaults...Set default options including data path, dictionary location, and default view.
Display...Change display colors.
Printer...Change printer setup parameters.
Mouse...Set mouse sensitivity.
Logical Fields...Define characteristics for logical field types.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: IBM personal computer or 100% compatible. MS-DOS or PC-DOS operating system version 3.2 or later. 512K of free RAM, 1MB of free Hard Disk space. Mouse recommended. DDF Builder recommended for viewing files in labeled field format.

(c) Copyright 1988-1996 by Smithware, Inc. All rights reserved.

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BUtility $129.95
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Copyright © 1988, 1998 by Smithware, Inc. All rights reserved.
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