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Smithware Crystal Reports for Btrieve

Note: On February 13, 1998, Smithware was acquired by Pervasive Software. This site is an archive of the materials that were on the Smithware site when was routed to This site is maintained for archival purposes only.

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Crystal Reports for Btrieve
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Note: On February 13, 1998, Smithware was acquired by Pervasive Software. This site is an archive of the materials that were on the Smithware site when was routed to This site is maintained for archival purposes only.

Smithware Crystal Reports for Btrieve

Smithware Crystal Reports for Btrieve
gives you the power to find out what you need to know today!

The leading Windows-based query and reporting tool for Btrieve based software applications, Smithware Crystal Reports for Btrieve enables versatile reporting from Btrieve and over 25 other databases to create impressive reports, lists, form letters, pre-printed forms, or labels.

It's also a time-saving rapid application development tool. Use it to add advanced reporting and printing functionality by integrating the battle-tested Crystal Report Engine into your database applications, without the time-consuming chore of writing your own code. On its own or integrated with another application, Smithware Crystal Reports provides you with unsurpassed reporting power.

Smithware Crystal Reports for Btrieve gives you everything you need to report on Btrieve data...

Smithware Crystal Reports for Btrieve is the comprehensive report writing solution for software applications that are Built-on-Btrieve. Optimized for maximum performance with applications that use Btreive, it combines Crystal Reports with Smithware's database power tools and Smithware's Btrieve-related enhancements.
The fully functional Crystal Reports Professional Edition. This is the number one award winning report writer and database query tool used by over 2 million people world wide.
Smithware's famous DDF Builder. Since DDF files are required by the Crystal Reports report writer, DDF Builder allows you to build, maintain and edit these files quickly and easily. See DDF Builder Product Information for complete information on DDF Builder and DDF files.
The Amazing DDF Sniffer. You can even build DDF's for undocumented Btrieve files. If you don't know the structure of your Btrieve data files, don't worry. DDF Sniffer was designed to help you analyze and document these files, so you can easily build the necessary DDF's. See DDF Sniffer Product Information for complete information on DDF Sniffer.
Btrieve client engines. 16- and 32-bit Btrieve client engines are included so anyone with Btrieve data can take advantage of the power of Smithware Crystal Reports.
Smithware High-Performance Report Drivers. This is the vehicle that delivers native access to Btrieve data without the use of ODBC or any other abstracted data access method. Our drivers also support variable length records and extended data types commonly in use with today's applications Built-on-Btrieve: Pascal Real numbers, VB Currency, VB Date, COBOL Comp-4, Comp-5, Comp-6 numbers, Magic date and number types, and many more.
If you have valuable Btrieve data that you want to turn into useful information, you will benefit from using Smithware Crystal Reports for Btrieve. With it, you can create accurate, presentation quality reports in a flash from Btrieve-based software applications like:

Cascade software
Great Plains Dynamics
Data Counsel
Data Flex
Med Solutions
Orion Law Management
Real World
Software4 retail solutions
State of the art

and many, many more!

Crystal Reports is #1 Around the World

Crystal Reports is the most widely used reporting tool with over two million copies in use around the world. This is proof that a wide range of people rely on Crystal Reports for data analysis and reporting, including independent software vendors, corporate software developers, IS staff, VARs and business end-users. Crystal Reports has been selected by over 135 leading software vendors as the reporting technology for their shrink-wrapped applications.

Report Designer and Report Engine

Crystal Reports is a fusion of two components: the Crystal Report Designer, which builds, manipulates and formats reports, and the Crystal Report Engine, which processes reports and then prints or exports them to the destination specified.

The Crystal Report Designer provides simplified data selection, WYSIWYG report layout, advanced formatting tools, and a wide range of data analysis and manipulation tools so you can create report masterpieces in record time.

Integrate reports into your database applications through the Crystal Report Engine. The Report Engine lets you add reporting capabilities to applications created with today's popular Windows programming languages. You can build the functionality of the Crystal Report Engine right into your application through any of the interfaces included in Smithware Crystal Reports for Btrieve such as: DLL's, ActiveXTM (OLE/OCX), VBX, VC++ MFC, VCL's, and more. What this means to you is that you can use Crystal Reports in your favorite development environment. You even receive royalty-free rights as a licensed user to distribute the Crystal Report Engine with any application you create.

Access data from virtually any data source

Smithware Crystal Reports for Btrieve allows you to report off multiple databases of differing formats and locations in a single report. For example, you can create a single report that reads your accounting department's Btrieve data and your sales department's ACT! data. You can also design reports for other popular data formats, accessing data from virtually any PC, SQL or ODBC-compliant data source. The SQL Query editor tool lets you create your own SQL statements too.

Produce Informative Presentation-Quality Reports Quickly

Create professional-looking reports in minutes! The Crystal Report Experts walk you through the design process from start to finish. Add graphs illustrating key data to make your reports more informative. The integrated graphing capability of Crystal Reports gives you over 80 customizable styles at your fingertips. Graphing can be done on group subtotals as well as details and formula fields.

Maximize the impact of your report by including a range of fonts, bitmaps, boxes, lines, and even embedded objects from other applications. Place objects exactly where you want them, with no guesswork required. Underlay objects, including scanned images, under multiple report sections when designing a report for printing on pre-printed forms.

Perform Powerful Data Analysis

Analyze your data with capabilities such as multi-pass reporting and unlimited sorting, including sorting on groups and custom sorting. The powerful formula language contains over 160 functions and operators and is extensible to allow user-definable DLL functions.

Create Any Report You Can Imagine

Now, your choices of report types are greater than ever. Experience a quantum leap in reporting power by adding subreports, conditional reports, multiple section reports and Web reports to your repertoire. Place the data in your report wherever you want and customize it to look any way you choose. Reports can be simple or complex, as your needs dictate.

Distribute Reports Everywhere

Distribute completed reports through a variety of popular communication infrastructures including e-mail and the World Wide Web. With the new HTML export option, you can publish reports to a Web server to be viewed by any Web browser. Export report data to over 20 popular file formats, including Lotus® 1-2-3, ExcelTM, Word for Windows, WordPerfectTM, and ASCII text.

Training And Support

Training and Support are readily available from several sources.

1) The Crystal Reports Users Guide is the best place to begin for end users who are just learning about report writing. In fact, going through the tutorials in the Users Guide is a pre-requisite for advanced training classes. The tutorials are the first place to start.

2) Crystal Reports for Dummies -- one of the famous "dummies" books is available for Crystal Reports and is a fun and handy reference that can get you acquainted with using Smithware Crystal Reports fast.

3) The Crystal Reports Interactive Learning CD -- a four hour interactive tutorial that covers intermediate and more advanced reporting features. This would be your intermediate resource for training.

4) Finally, comprehensive training classes are also available from Authorized Seagate Software Training Partners. Classes are designed for beginners to advanced Crystal Reports users and can take place at training centers or on site. Schedules and locations are available on the Seagate software web site (listed below).

As far as technical support goes, developers and users can take advantage of having more that one source of technical support. Smithware supports Crystal Reports for Btrieve particularly well as far as Btrieve, installation and configuration issues go. Support is currently available at no charge on a first come first served basis via phone, fax, e-mail and the Web. Seagate Software focuses on support for report designer and report engine issues and in the case where Crystal Reports for Btrieve is provided by an independent software vendor, the vendor may also elect to offer support on the product. Having more than one resource for tech support works out well for developers and end-users alike. It's nice to know you're not alone out there when using Crystal Reports for Btrieve.

What Do You Need To Know Today?

Smithware Crystal Reports for Btrieve is the complete report writing solution for software applications that use Btrieve. You'll get everything you need to turn your valuable data into useful information. Smithware Crystal Reports for Btrieve ­ the fastest, easiest, most comprehensive way to find out what you need to know today!

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Smithware Crystal Reports for Btrieve

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