Ham Radio

In 1982 while in our freshman year at Vanderbilt University, Steve Mook and I met Henry Savage (W4RFR) on the Peabody College's Media Center. He had two things that Steve and I were really looking for: AV equipment in a TV studio and a bunch of brand new Apple II's and IBM PC's that we could work on. As it turned out, he had a lot more that we were interested in, and we all shared a close friendship for the following 22 years on many varied projects and adventures. Henry was an active amateur radio operator and many years ago he talked me into getting my Ham license. I am now KF4ZIS with a Technician Class operator's license.

Sadly, on November 2, 2004, Henry suddenly went silent key. This was a shock to us all.

On Saturday, November 6, 2004, I began establishing the Henry Savage W4RFR Ham Radio Club (HSHRC) in his memory. The initial primary purpose of the club is to promote the operation, maintenance, and use of 2-meter repeaters in Middle Tennessee. Henry was an active Ham and we both talked through the N4ARK 145.11MHz repeater often (usually more than once a day!) The operator of the repeater (Ed Hodges, N4ARK) has offered to rename the repeater from N4ARK/R to W4RFR/R. We are currently in the application process to get this process underway. We are all so excited and pleased that the W4RFR call sign will continue to be broadcasting on the air for a long time to come.

Henry Savage W4RFR in Perry County on an old bridge over the Buffalo River. Photo taken in 1989.

www.HSHRC.org The Henry Savage Ham Radio Club Web Site
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