Since 1989, when I bought a little condominium up on Harpeth Trace Drive, I have been in the part-time business of home renovation. It is amazing, if you like this kind of work, how therapeutic and fulfilling it can be. There is something to be said of projects that not only allow you to work very hard over a long period of time, but also give you the opportunity to constantly look back and see just how much you have accomplished.

This is an ongoing repository history of these projects. Many of the older projects, including Harpeth Trace, Lynwood, and Richland took place before the advent of digital photography. If I ever have time to scan all of the old photographs, then I will be a point in my life where I have way too much free time on my hands!

So, Iíll continue to add information as new projects come up. This is also, of course, a great place to keep all of my collected reference material on renovation ideas and resources.

Homes Renovated

4200 West End Avenue, May 2005
Cargile, May 2004 through June 2005
Sugartree, February 2000 through October 2002
Richland, May 1996 through May 2000
Lynwood, November 1992 through May 1996
Harpeth Trace, November 1989 through November 1992

Various Design Ideas

February 12, 1999 Trip to Miami.

Design Sources Video, Audio, and home automation equipment.
Domus Design Collections
Home Expo(do not confuse with Home Depot's Expo Centers)


Telpro, Inc. Makers of the GilLift Cabinet Lifter.

Educational Resources

Yestermorrow Design/Build School Over 100 courses year round for novices and professionals in Home Design and building; Woodworking and Cabinetry; Timber framing... In Warren, VT.

Rental Property

Index of Photographs